Posted by: schooleducator | February 7, 2010

Digital Nation – Frontline

Just watched the Digital Nation Frontline documentary – came out last week.  Disappointing on the whole – still gripped by fear and problems of digital media, and not enough on possibility.  Great story about a school in the Bronx that moved to 1 to 1 learning and how that model transformed student learning and teaching through Nings, blogs, and building a participatory culture. From Korean Internet addiction clinics to the perils of multi-tasking, based on brain scan research at Stanford, the filmmakers sadly do little to move the conversation about digital media and kids forward.  They can’t escape the noose of fear-based tactics and approaches — they take small steps to escape the stranglehold.  Maybe the next and third (the first film in the series was Growing Up Online) film will finally break free of adult centered views of digital media use, and approach the topic from the inside out.  For now, Digital Nation is yet another in the broad spectrum of film and books that captures adults on the outside trying to peer into digital youth culture.


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