Posted by: schooleducator | January 20, 2010

Digital Citizens in Action

One of the most inspiring outcomes of the Haiti crisis is the outpouring of innovation among talented digital citizens.  The crisis has galvanized groups into texting, social networking, and collaborating to take quick action to help heal a wounded nation.  Crisis Camp Haiti brought together tech innovators to help figure out fast, functional ways to get aid to Haiti.  CNN reported that “results included a digital map to help relief groups in Haiti coordinate their efforts and applications for the iPhone and other smartphones, including a Creole-to-English dictionary.”

What a great example for kids and schools to follow.  Sure, there are schools trying to figure out to mobilize community support for Haiti, through bakesales, and jogathons, but how many schools are out there enabling kids to figure out solutions with digital media?  Why not put kids into working teams to devise innovative solutions, using technology as a vehicle?  This can turn their energies toward humanitarianism, it inspires civic engagement, and it speaks to their abiding interest in media.

Schools can invite adults into the projects and use this as an opportunity to build community around media.  And, most importantly, figure out ways to help those in need.


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