Posted by: schooleducator | February 25, 2009

Stand, Sit, and Deliver

Designers are beta testing new desk design to allow students to stand or sit in the classroom (Students Stand When Called Upon, and When Not – NYT, 2/25/09) The desks are adjustable and give students choice, and control, over what makes them comfortable in the classroom. What this furniture is missing is casters so that teachers and students can move the desks around the classroom. It’s great that students can choose to stand or sit, but an even better option is to reshape the classroom to allow for students to sit on the floor in a circle, for example. The cost is prohibitive at the moment, but a quick trip to Home Depot could solve that problem. Also, the desktops should be white boards, so students can write out solutions to problems, generate ideas through individual and group brainstorming, and even doodle every once in a while. Again, buying the white board at Home Depot and gluing it on the tops of the desks is a less expensive alternative. Classroom desks need to be kid friendly, and the designers can take a few extra steps to truly meet the needs of today’s students.


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